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Sunday, February 20, 2011

weekend excursion: if your a fly gyal get your nails done

Vada Spa. End of story.
I think that every college student should have a mandatory "spa" day.  Today, I went with a few of my classmates to Vada Spa on Waverly and 6th Avenue, for some relaxation treatment--sponsored by the cohort program at Stern (I only paid 7 dollars!).  No matter what, Vada Spa an inexpensive way to rejuvenate after a stressful week of work, whether it be with a manicure&pedicure, or an "out to lunch" facial.  


Cute little beauty salon.

Manicure Stations (they have an upstairs too!).
C/o Vadaspa.com

**Calling all you chic shoppers out there on a budget:  Urban is holding a 30% off sale price markdown until tomorrow, the 21st...be there!


  1. What a perfect spa!
    Thank you for visiting my blog!
    I hope your doing much success!
    Thousand kisses

  2. Mmmm our cohort went here too, I highly recommend the Swedish massage for anyone who goes!