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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

i believe the whole world should revolve around me, but when it doesn't...

I know y'all are guilty of it:  standing in your closet, with your hands on your hips and whining, "but i have noooothing to wearrrr." You can boo-hoo yourself but you're not fooling anyone--your clothes haven't just disappeared.  It can feel like it though, right?

Trust me.  I am the queen of I-ran-out-of-outfits-even-though-my-drawers-are-overflowing.  And the anxiety doesn't seem to lessen until you can add one new item to your pile of old/worn once already garments.  So are we shopaholics? I think not (well, maybe).  But I've discovered a (cheaper) solution, although I can't exactly promise it will stop all shopping impulses.

LOOKBOOK.nu; Polyvore.com; Refinery29.com
What do all of these websites have in common? They provide inspiration.  Have a favorite brand? Look it up.  Favorite style? Each of these fashion collections have gathered photos of the best designers, street-wear, and current trends to supplement your lacking wardrobe--and provide you with ideas for tomorrow's outfit. 



olivia palermo style


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